5100 Series (Large) Horizontal Non-J.I.C. Type Large Reservoirs

Key Features

  • All VESCOR Reservoirs are skillfully fabricated from hot rolled steel plate and sheet. All steel is pickled and oiled which eliminates the need for sandblasting.
  • Baffles are properly slotted providing correct oil circulation.
  • Welded top.
  • All Series 5100 (large welded top) Reservoirs include sight level, temperature gauge and filler breather as standard equipment.
  • 12" clean out cover.
  • Reservoirs are exterior prime painted.
  • Interior of reservoir coated with rust preventive oil.

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Each Horizontal Non-J.I.C. Reservoir Includes

  • Oil Level & Temp. Gauge
  • Filler Breather (hole not provided)
  • 12” Cleanout Covers
  • Baffle with cutouts for circulation
  • 3/4” NPT Drain
  • Steel construction with welded top
  • Exterior of reservoir prime painted
  • Interior of reservoir coated with rust preventive oil
60 to 100 Gallons

Sight Gauge

  • 5” sight gauge (ALG5T)

Sight Gauge and Filler Breather shipped loose inside reservoir