Parker Hydraulic Group
P1/PD Series Medium Pressure Hydraulic Axial Piston Pumps

  • 4060 PSI
  • 18CC TO 140CC

Variable displacement, axial piston pump for open-circuit applications. Medium pressure, continuous operation at pressures up to 4060 PSI (280 bar).

Compact, quiet and efficient control. Wide temperature range suitable for mobile applications.

  • Compact overall package size
  • Quiet operation
  • High operating efficiency for lower power consumption and reduced heat generation
  • Simple hydraulic controls with "no-leak" adjustments¬†
  • Full power through-drive capability¬†
  • Easy to service

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  • Low flow ripple to further reduce noise
  • Elastomer seals that eliminate gaskets and external leakage
  • SAE and ISO standard mounting flanges and ports
  • Long life, low friction, tapered-roller shaft bearings
  • Long life, low friction, hydrostatically balanced cam bearings
  • End or side inlet and outlet ports
  • Case drain ports for horizontal or vertical, shaft-up mounting
  • Optional minimum and maximum displacement adjustments
  • Optional case-to-inlet check valve to extend shaft seal life

ForestryFeller Bunchers, Knuckle Boom Loader, Skidder, Forwarder, Cranes
Oil & GasNitrogen Pumpers, Cementers, Coil Tubing
ConstructionADTs, Fan Drives
MiningDrill Rigs, Top Drives, Loaders, Dump Trucks, Tunneling Equipment
Power GenLube Oil Skids
RecyclingShredders, Balers, Compactors, Vacuum Truck Systems, Refuse Trucks - ASL, Rear Loaders
MilitaryFan Drives
UtilityCranes, Digger Derricks, Man Lifts, Cable Placers, Fan Drives, Horizontal Directional Drills

P1 Pump Performance Data

Model SeriesDisplacement
in3/rev (cc/rev)
Max. Outlet Pressure
Rated Speed Drive
Input Horsepower
P10181.10 (18)4000 (280)320015 (56.8)44 (32.8)
P10281.71 (28)4000 (280)320024 (90.8)70 (52.2)
P10452.75 (45)4000 (280)260031 (117.3)90 (67.1)
P10603.66 (60)4000 (280)250037 (140.1)117 (87.2)
P10754.58 (75)4000 (280)230042 (159.0)127 (94.7)
P11006.10 (100)4000 (280)210054 (204.4)155 (115.6)
P11408.54 (140)4000 (280)200071 (268.8)206 (153.6)