CSS16 Magnetic Safety Sensor

Key Features

  • Non-contact sensing … for long term reliability.
  • Sealed for moisture protection … ideal for most hostile environments.
  • Tamper-resistant … frequency-matched sensor and actuator required for operation.
  • Integral LED diagnostic indicators … facilitate easy installation and troubleshooting.
  • Integral self-monitoring … satisfy requirements of PLe per EN ISO 13849-1, or Safety Control Category 4 to EN 954-1. *See note below.
  • Designed for “daisy chaining”… up to 16 devices, max 200 m, can be wired in series without detriment to safety performance level.
  • Dual PNP 500mA safety outputs … for application versatility.
  • Same mounting dimensions as Series AZ16 … ideal alternative in applications with alignment problems or harsh environments.
Model Numbers

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The CSS 16 non-contact, electronic safety sensor is designed for application in safety circuits and is used for monitoring the position of movable safety guards. In this application the safety sensor monitors the closed position of hinged, sliding or removable guards with the aid of a coded actuator.

The CSS 16 Safety Sensor fulfills the requirements for proximity devices with defined behavior under fault conditions according to EN 60947-5-3 with the classification PDF-M (self-monitoring).