Eaton Electrical
RS Series Interlock Safety Sensors

Key Features

  • Non-contact actuation
  • Reversible mounting
  • High misalignment tolerance
  • Up to SIL 3 and up to PLe ratings
  • –10 to +55°C temperature range
  • IP67

Standards and Certifications

  • IEC 61508
  • ISO 13849
  • EN 1088
  • cUL
  • CE
  • TÜV

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Eaton’s RS safety interlock switches have been specifically designed for monitoring of protective guards, such as doors, flaps and hoods. All switches in this family are safety-rated and use magnetically coded actuators to minimize defeat by simple magnets. With correct installation, the RS family complies with EN ISO 13849-1 and IEC 62061 guidelines.


The RS safety interlock family is comprised of three series: RS2, RS2R and RS4. The assembly comprises a sensor component and a separate magnet actuator component. The sensor is typically mounted to a stationary portion of a structure and the magnet to a movable portion. When the sensor and the actuator are within operating range, the NC contacts will be closed and the NO contacts will be open.