Air-Mite, Inc.
SC3000 Series Pneumatic Two Hand Start Controls

Key Features

  • Safe–Meets requirements of OSHA 1910 Sec 217 
  • Quick & Easy Installation 
  • Retrofit Air-Mite presses–specifically designed to simply retrofit with existing presses in the field or to work with any type of new equipment

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The SC3000 Series represents the newest addition to Air-Mite two hand safety controls. The SC3000 provides versatility—with stand alone and press ready models—and economy in a compact package.

  • 3-Way Output–standard OAL–13-1/4"-std 9-1/2"-avail 
  • Supply Pressure: 60-100 psi 
  • Filtration: 5 Micron 
  • Connections: 5/32" instant fittings 
  • Lubrication: None allowed 
  • Operating Force: 5 oz. (each button) 
  • Button Diameter: 1-3/8"