Murr Elektronik
MICO Classic Series Intelligent 24VDC Power Distribution Module

Key Features

  • Allows remote start with 24 V DC signal
  • Manually switch on each channel for start-up and shut-down
  • LED status indication for each channel
  • ??Proven bridge concept connects several MICOs
  • ??Minimum output resistance, almost no power loss
  • ??Optimum labeling options, for device location and channels
  • Maintenance-free with spring clamp terminals
  • Adjustable current range for each channel
  • Perfect shut-down function: as late as possible, as early as necessary
  • Visual warning notice when 90 % of the load current set is reached
  • Potential-free alarm output
  • Temperature does not affect MICO
  • No current limits

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With its optimized start-up behavior, MICO CLASSIC 4.10 Speed-Start powers very sensitive loads without any noticeable interruption, for example with: fieldbus systems, industrial computers, controls or drive controls. This eliminates any problems that happen when loads are switched off automatically.