Delta Computer Systems
RMC150 Series 2 to 8-Axis Motion Controllers

The RMC150 is Delta's most versatile motion control product line. The new RMC150E— is a modular, high-performance motion controller appropriate for a wide range of industrial applications for position and velocity control. The RMC151E CPU provides all the benefits of the RMC150E, plus dual-loop control for advanced control options, such as position-pressure, position-force, and active damping.

A variety of communications options makes these compact, DIN rail-mounted controllers an excellent choice for large and small systems.

The RMC's modular construction allows you to mix and match from two to eight axes of any combination of transducers. Delta will factory configure your complete RMC150 motion control module.

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  • Up to 8 control axes, including dualloop position-pressure axes. 

Controlled Quantities 

  • Position, velocity, acceleration, pressure, force, torque 

Dual-Loop Control 

  • Position–pressure, position–force, velocity–pressure, velocity–force, position–torque, velocity–torque 
  • Seamless transition from position/velocity to pressure/force 
  • Position/velocity with pressure/force limit 
  • Cascade Loop 

Motion Features 

  • Point-to-point motion 
  • Gearing 
  • Curves (Cams, Splines) 
  • Sinusoidal 
  • PID or I-PD 
  • Active Damping 
  • Full parameter set supports high performance motion control 

Setup and Programming 

  • Command-based—for easy program development and maintenance 
  • Flexible User Programs—advanced step sequencer with user-named variables and mathematical expressions 
  • Extensive, context-sensitive Help

Tuning and Diagnostics 

  • Tuning Wizards 
  • Powerful motion graphing for optimizing motion 
  • Event Log shows real-time activity