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OIL-X EVOLUTION High Efficiency Vacuum Pump Protection Filters

Key Features

  • Protects vacuum pump.
  • Filtration performance independently verified by Lloyds Register. 
  • Low cost of ownership.
  • Airflow management system and deep pleat element technology provides minimal pressure losses.
  • Deep pleat element technology also provides higher dirt holding capacity when compared to traditional filter elements. 
  • Multiple port sizes for a given flow rate provides increased flexibility during installation
  • Corrosion protected. 
  • Externally epoxy coated. 
  • Small, compact & lightweight. 
  • Manual drain valve. 
  • Quick, easy maintenance. 
  • 10 year housing guarantee. 
  • Optional DP monitor. 
  • Optional mounting bracket kits.

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OIL-X EVOLUTION Vacuum Pump Protection Filters are designed for the removal of liquid and solid contamination from the suction side of vacuum pump systems, preventing contamination and potential damage to the vacuum pump. 

OIL-X EVOLUTION compressed air filters use very little energy as they have a low resistance to air flow. Pleated media construction and oleophobic coatings have led to a high performance filter element with low energy costs throughout its life.

Model Series

  • AR010A
  • AR010B 
  • AR010C 
  • AR015B 
  • AR015C 
  • AR020C 
  • AR020D 
  • AR020E 
  • AR025D 
  • AR025E 
  • AR030E 
  • AR030F 
  • AR030G 
  • AR035F 
  • AR035G 
  • AR040G 
  • AR040H 
  • AR045H 
  • AR050I 
  • AR050J 
  • AR055I 
  • AR055J