Parker Pneumatic
CEK Emergency Stop Vacuum Generators

Key Features

  • Integrated double solenoid for last state
  • Integrated vacuum pilot
  • Integrated blow-off pilot
  • Integrated filter, silencer
  • Air economizing capabilities
  • Manifolds for up to 5 units

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The CEK is a Normally Closed Vacuum On / Off valve that maintains the last state of air during an emergency stop or power loss. In addition to this, an air-economizing valve has been added to interrupt the air supply by connecting the output signal from the sensor to minimize air consumption.

This unit is ideal for non-porous applications that require fast response of large vacuum and blow-off release flow.

Typically, with a normally closed air circuit, the user controls vacuum with a command signal. During an Emergency Stop Event or power failure event, the vacuum command signal is lost, but, the Vacuum valve (1) remains in the current operating position due to the construction of the valve. The air-economizing valve (5), in a Normally Open configuration, passes the air supply from the Vacuum On / Off valve (1).  The Sensor (2) output activates the air-economizing valve (5) closing the air supply to the Normally Closed master valve.  The Check Valve (3) maintains the achieved vacuum level until the hysteresis value of the Sensor (2) is reached or when the Vacuum valve (1) has been returned to the closed position to stop the vacuum operation.