Parker Pneumatic
CVXCEK Vacuum Generators

Key Features

  • Integrated double solenoid for hold last state conditions
  • Integrated vacuum pilot
  • Integrated blow-off pilot
  • Integrated filter, silencer
  • Air economizing capabilities

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The CVXCEK vacuum generator creates vacuum and blowoff pressure in a vacuum system and has additional Aireconomizing and emergency operating system functions.

Each CVXCEK unit consists of 2 independent vacuum generators labeled channel 1 and channel 2. Each vacuum generator has a vacuum ON / OFF solenoid pilot valve, blowoff solenoid pilot valve, Air-Economizing valve, blow-off needle control valve, pressure sensor, vacuum check valve, vacuum filter, and exhaust filter. Each Vacuum Generator is mounted to a 2-Station bar manifold with an optional electrical mounting kit. The pressure provided to inlet port of the bar manifold is common to both vacuum generators.