Parker Pneumatic
MC22 Vacuum Generators

Vacuum generating pilot valve
Vacuum blow-off pilot valve
Vacuum sensor - filter - silencer available
Regulating blow-off adjustment
Manifold system
Short cycle times for high speed pick and place
Vacuum flow rates to 1.55 SCFM

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The MC22 is a complete package for factory automation. The MC22 has integrated vacuum generating and blow-off release pilot valves to minimize the response time to achieve vacuum.

The small foot print and lightweight body allows the unit to be located close to the suction cup for maximum performance.  

The MC22 has additional features; regulating blow-off needle, 37 micron mesh filter, and a sensor platform for vacuum confirmation. 

The MC22 can be assembled into a maximum 8 station manifold. The unit can be ordered normally open or normally closed, with or without MPS-23 or MVS-201 pressure sensors.