Parker Pneumatic
MC72 Vacuum Generators

Vacuum generating pilot valve
Vacuum release pilot valve option
Vacuum sensor - filter - silencer available
Regulating blow-off
Check valve option
Air-economizing controls
Manifold system
Vacuum flow rates from 2.1 to 5.5 SCFM
3-Pin, EN175301-803, 15mm, 8mm 3-Pin

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The MC72 Series vacuum generator provides a complete solution for factory automation. The MC72 is perfect for non-porous applications such as material handling, critical applications involving glass, or general transfer applications.

The MC72 has integrated vacuum pilot and blow-off release pilot valves to minimize response times. The MC72 has additional features; regulating blow-off needle, 130 micron filter, optional check valve, and a sensor platform for vacuum confirmation. 

The MC72 can be assembled into a maximum 5 station manifold. The unit can be ordered normally open or normally closed.