Eaton Electrical
XV Series HMI-PLCs

Key Features

  • Built-in SmartWire-DT master for 99 nodes
  • Brilliant image display with 65,536 colors
  • High resolution resistive touch TFT displays
  • 3.5 in, 5.7 in or 7 in widescreen displays in a robust plastic housings and bezels
  • 5.7 in, 8.4 in or 10.4 in displays in high-end aluminum front bezels and metal housings
  • Ethernet and RS485 serial ports on all models
  • PROFIBUS-DP or CANopen master on all models larger than 3.5 in
  • Programmable with IEC 61131-3 compliant XSoft-CoDeSys software
  • Easy connection direct to motor control components or I/O modules on the SmartWire-DT flat cable

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The XV HMI-PLC is a powerful combination of logic and visualization based on the open CoDeSys programming platform. It is ideal for small to mid-range PLC applications where integrated logic and visualization is advantageous and/or where remote administration is critical.

The XV HMI-PLC is also available with an integrated SmartWire-DT™ master. This combination of visualization, control and SmartWire-DT connectivity is the ultimate lean automation solution.