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Parker Filtration
ParTest Fluid Sampling Kit
Key Features Complete laboratory Analysis Results are Neatly Organized 3 page format Single sample, or up to 5 sample per report available Water based or Petroleum ... More >
Kittiwake Products
ANALEXfdMplus Ferrous Debris Monitor
Key Features Highly Accurate designed to measure ferrous wear metal particle contamination in an oil sample Able to measure from follow sample sources 50ml Bottle 10ml ... More >
Kittiwake Products
DIGI Field Kit
Key Features Fast, accurate results for water in oil, total base number, total acid number, insolubles (soot), and comparitive viscosity ... More >
Kittiwake Products
Heated Viscometer
Key Features Monitoring viscosity gives an  early warning for potential fluid  issues. Highly accurate results with two  readings are available at 40°C,  50°C or ... More >
Kittiwake Products
Low Range DIGI Water Kit
Key Features Water in Oil Maintain and protect your  equipment, while eliminating  damage caused by water in oil. Prevent corrosion, cavitation  or failure of your ... More >
Parker Hydraulic Group
icountPD Online Particle Detector
Key Features Independent monitoring of system contamination trends.  Early warning LED or digital display indicators for Low, Medium and High contamination ... More >