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Ultra Clean Technologies
CLEAN EASY UC-PVS-III Projectile Verification System
Key Features UC-CS Control Station Intuitive touchscreen allows for easy navigation and set-up in multiple languages. 5-micron filter, regulator and gauge ensures that ... More >
Parker Fluid Connector Group
Hose Cutoff Machine
Key Features Recommended for PTFE Hose Power unit for quick, easy cutting of cotton or rubber-covered fabric braid or wire reinforced hose Equipped with 1-1/2 HP, 3650 ... More >
Parker Fluid Connector Group
Hose Insertion Depth Blocks
Key Features For quick easy marking of hose insertion depth Ensures accuracy and increased productivity Part Numbers TH9-1-26A        26 Series -4 ... More >
Parker Fluid Connector Group
Die Storage Rack 80C-0DR-PFD/83C-0DR-PFD
Key Features Holds 3 sets of small dies, 2 sets of large dies Can be bolted together to a work bench Part Numbers 80C-0DR - Storage of three sets of small dies 83C-0DR ... More >
Parker Fluid Connector Group
Accrolube Die Lube
Key Features High efficiency lubricant used for stainless steel field  attachable fittings Contains Teflon to reduce the wear between metal surfaces,  ... More >
COMOSO - Controlled Motion Solutions
Custom Reel or Spool Racks
Key Features Custom sizes & configurations available Store & dispense hose, tubing, rope, chain or cable Can be made to accept anything on a reel or spool  Conserve ... More >
Parker Fluid Connector Group
Hose Stock Bins
Part Numbers HR6-Hose-Bin Rugged metal cabinet for stocking coils of Parker hose 36” wide, 28” high, 20” deep, with upright separators to provide 6 compartments ... More >
Parker Fluid Connector Group
Rotary Reel Rack
Key Features Compact Heavy Duty Casters Optional Overhead Crane available Part Numbers TH7-6 16 hose reel system, with rotating base TH7-6-C Optional overhead crane ... More >