Vacuum | Standard Suction Cups (4 results found)

Suction pads cups are used to grip and move work-pieces in a plant or on a robot. Cup material should be considered for temperature resistance, chemical resistance, oil resistance, abrasion resistance, markless properties and electrical properties.
Parker Pneumatic
PF Flat Vacuum Cup Series
Key Features Precision molded single lip flat cup for smooth or slightly curved surfaces. Universal flat design for most smooth surface applications Stable vertical / ... More >
Parker Pneumatic
PB Bellows Vacuum Cups
Key Features Bellows Design for Level Compensation Within Restricted Clearances Sheet Separation for Flexible and Stacked Products Soft Seal Lip for Flexible Products ... More >
Parker Pneumatic
PJ Short Bellows Vacuum Cups
Key Features Short Bellows for Fast Response More Lip Seal Contact for Corrugated,  Textured Surfaces Soft Sealing Lip 6 mm to 80 mm Cup + Connector Assemblies ... More >
Parker Pneumatic
PC Multiple Bellows Vacuum Cups
Key Features Soft Touch Extra Level Compensation Flexible Sealing Lip for Irregular  Curved Surfaces 5 mm to 90 mm in Diameter Cup + Connector Assemblies PCTM ... More >