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VS-V/P-D Series Vacuum and Pressure Switches
Gems Sensors
PS81 Vacuum Pressure Switch
Key Features 1.5" to 15" Hg (51 to 508 mbar)  Sensitive Diaphragm for Lower Setpoints  Factory Fixed or Adjustable Setpoints Applications Low vacuum applications ... More >
Gems Sensors
PS82 Vacuum Pressure Switch
Key Features 5" to 28" Hg Max. Rising; 24" Hg Max. Falling (169 to 948.2 mbar; 812.6 mbar) Applications Small Size for Demanding Applications  ... More >
Vacuum and Pressure Switches VSi
Key Features Electronic vacuum & pressure switch with IO-Link interface for measuring & monitoring vacuum & overpressure in automation & handling systems Input & output ... More >
PK Series Air Pressure Switches
Key Features Visual Display IP65 2 PNP Outputs For Air and other Inert Gases M8x1 picofast Connection Compact design Pressure and vacuum monitoring Display rotatable by ... More >